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Getting hired as a developer Episode 10

Getting hired as a developer

The podcast discusses various ways to go about finding a job, with a focus on the tech industry. We'll talk about making a list of the tools and companies you're interested in, doing outbound and inbound outreach, networking, and preparing for interviews. We'll also get into some resources for practicing algorithms and communities to join.

· 39:31


  • Sourcing where you want to apply 
    • Make a list of the tools/apps/companies you like to use
    • Outbound (Make a top 10 list)
    • Inbound (review inbound recruiter outreach from the past 3 months or more)
    • Networking (who do you know, try to do some coffee chats to see if they like their company and team)
    • Cold outreach is tough (numbers game)
    • Timing - interviewing such that offers come in around the same time
  • Resume & cover letter & LinkedIn & Social 
    • Have these reviewed by your peers and iterate on feedback
    • Make sure you communicate the things you’ve done that add value, ideally how much value you’ve added. Situation Behavior Impact (SBI) is a good framework for bullets
    • Omit anything unrelated to the job you’re going for (hot take?)
    • Clean up social
  • Preparing for Interviews 
  • Communities 
  • Resources 

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Creators and Guests

CJ Avilla
CJ Avilla
Developer Advocate @StripeDev. Veteran. 📽 https://t.co/2UI0oEAnFK. Building with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript
Colin Loretz
Colin Loretz
I like to build software and communities. Building software at @orbitmodel 🪐 Coworking at @renocollective 🎙Sharing software learnings on @buildandlearn_


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