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Summer Fit Check, Cron Schedulers, and Sample Apps Episode 47

Summer Fit Check, Cron Schedulers, and Sample Apps

· 44:52

CJ and Colin with the summer updates and fitness check-in. We dive into cron jobs, scheduling those jobs with various tools and services and best practices for when/how to cron.

- Summer updates
- CJ's live peloton class in the studio
- Peloton hotel finder
- Colin gives a RTO recap
- Craftwork update, one year of the Rails codebase
- Realtime project view tracking with action cable (who’s looking at the same doc as me)
- Command Palette using Ninja Keys
- CJ on Enums in Rails and other best practices
- CJ using sidekiq-cron, alternative to whenever. - team already asking for event-based things
- BullMQ mentioned! 
- Colin working on some sample Discord bots and apps

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