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PTO and Taking Time Off Episode 5

PTO and Taking Time Off

This week we dig into "unlimited" PTO and taking take off from work.

· 30:24

- PTO & Taking Time Off
  - Self-care
  - Accrual caps
  - Burnout
- Unlimited time off - good or bad?
  - Trap of not taking enough, personal guilt, fear of letting team down
  - Brad Feld’s 1 week a quarter - completely off grid, no work (= 4 weeks a year)
- Why taking time off is good for your team / company
  - Marathon / not a sprint, you need to be able to take time off
  - Ensures you are not the blocker for things
  - Encourages better docs, better socializing of concepts and ownership of the code

- Tips for taking time off
  - Github Away Feature
  - Delete or disable Slack
  - Create a list of things that you are responsible for and who will help cover those things

- Other Time Off
  - Parental Leave
  - Sick Leave
  - Company-wide holidays: Refuel Week

Send an Open Source Developer on Vacation 
Voting is over but you can check out the winners at https://tuple.app/sends-you-on-vacation/

Share your time off habits and feedback with us on Twitter:

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Creators and Guests

CJ Avilla
CJ Avilla
Developer Advocate @StripeDev. Veteran. 📽 https://t.co/2UI0oEAnFK. Building with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript
Colin Loretz
Colin Loretz
I like to build software and communities. Building software at @orbitmodel 🪐 Coworking at @renocollective 🎙Sharing software learnings on @buildandlearn_


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