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Advent of Code, Economic Development Episode 34

Advent of Code, Economic Development

· 37:38

In this episode, Colin and CJ discuss their experience with Advent of Code challenges. They use it as a virtual meetup for their local developer group and the value of solving problems in new languages.

They also talk about live streaming using Twitch's built-in Stream Together feature and alternatives like Meld Studio for multi-person streaming setups.

Other topics include potentially writing code with voice in the future, resources for learning Ruby like Avdi Grimm's Graceful Dev, and managing home maintenance through preventative care rather than reactively.

Advent of Code- The coding challenges we discussed
Jonathan Paulson's YouTube - Videos solving Advent of Code challenges
Bash Bunny on Twitch - Learning Zig with Advent of Code
Stream Together on Twitch - Built-in multi-person streaming
Meld Studio - Alternative to OBS for Mac streaming
Screencasting Course - The course about recording screencasts
Whale Quench Talk - Emily's talk about coding with voice
Graceful Dev - Avdi Grimm's site with Ruby resources
City Authentic: How the Attention Economy Builds Urban America by David Banks
How to Outsmart Your Brain
Replit mobile

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