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 Replacing Mint, Finishing Things & Vim Episode 35

Replacing Mint, Finishing Things & Vim

· 40:23

Chris and Colin wrap up 2023 chatting about personal finance, website annotations, vim and a growing need to "finish" something over starting yet another thing.

Replacing Mint
  • Colin: Website Annotations
    • Annotate the web
    • Rap Genius
  • CJ: Lots of little API integrations: PostHog, Segment, Deputy, Twilio
  • Colin: Actually finishing projects before starting new ones
    • Startup weekend vs Finish weekend
    • Resolutions and goals
  • CJ: Couple new vim things -
    • The missing semester of CS from MIT
    • `:g` global command which lets you run ex aka command line commands on multiple lines at once it has two arguments, a pattern to match to find which lines to run on and the command to run. I’m excited to use this instead of macros for some common editing cases.
  • Tried out using Descript’s built in video recorder / editor for a video this week and it worked out pretty well except I couldn’t figure out the camera preview thing
  • Now Colin wants to learn vim
  • Happy 2024!

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