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Role Reversal & Summer Catchup Episode 25

Role Reversal & Summer Catchup

· 41:42

Welcome back after the summer break! CJ and Colin get caught up after a summer of adventure and... new job announcements!
  • CJ update 
    • Tahoe Time / Family Time
    • E-Bike with Dad
    • Boat / Plane flight simulator
  • Colin update 
    • Spending time on the coworking space
    • Summer camping
  • Role reversals and announcement 
    • We have new jobs!
    • Context switching 
      • Colin: product & engineering → developer relations
      • CJ: developer relations → product & engineering
    • Fewer guard rails, much less narrow focus, wearing more hats, more autonomy, freedom and responsibility
    • CJ is now at Craftwerk
      • NextJS
      • T3 stack
      • MySQL with Planetscale
      • Drizzle ORM
      • Zod schema validation
      • Back office/Admin CRUD app in Rails
    • Colin is now at Discord
      • Currently onboarding and learning
      • Building a Google Calendar app to get fully up to speed on all the areas of the developer experience
  • Other happenings: RailsWorld is happening later this year in Amsterdam
    • Tickets sold out in 45 minutes
    • Speakers announced this week
  • Must download calendar app for MacOS folks: Fantastical

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